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Why should I sign for The Business and Investing High Quality PLR Membership?

Are you really serious to create a powerful niche website which draws visitors and turns them into paying customers? Remember, people go online to find information and solutions to their problems. If they find your site interesting, they will come back and buy product or service you are offering. They don’t like hype, People like high quality information and someone they can trust. You heard it before: content is king. For that you will need to provide constant quality material month after month. See, your customers are in some financial situation they want to solve and they need a solution to make it work. It may be immediate like their debt or future planning like investment for their retirement. Your content may just help them to do it.

To provide your visitors with quality content, you will have to:

1 – Write it yourself
You will need the writing skills and it takes a big chunk of your time

2 – Hire a ghostwriter
To hire a ghost writer could cost you about $20 per article and you need to give him/her an instructions. The article may not be delivered on time and you may have it rewritten
before you get what you need.

3 – Get an article from the Article Directory
To get an article from the Article Directory is free, but you can’t modify the article and you have to enclose the credentials of the writer including the link, which leads from your website.

4 – Get PLR Articles and Content
Another option is to get PLR Articles and Content. This is the far best solution.You get, comparing to other alternatives, very economical way to get quality material, which you can quickly and easily modify to your liking and also sell it as your product.

So, this content is oriented on the Business, Finances and Investment issues with long term values to increase the benefit for the end user. These articles are limited to 200 copies. You are free to sell it as a product on its own, make a audio of it or video, give it away as a bonuses with your product or service. Or post it on your website. The choice is yours. For the detailed options click here.

Don’t work harder than you have to, work smarter. This is more profitable. Each page you post to your website will boost your search engine traffic and potentially increase your sales.

5 – An Affiliate Status. As a PLR Member, you will also receive an Affiliate Status. You can’t become an Affiliate without being a PLR Member.  So, if you like our membership and would like to recommend it to your friends and visitors (NO SPAM TOLERATED), this can easily pay for your membership as well as generate continuous income for you – as long as your people continue their membership.

You will receive:

15 PLR Articles on the Business and Investing Subject per month. These articles can be on its own or they can be part of the continuous series standing on its own merit as well. This content is not just a filler like many cheap PLR sites try to flog to their members. You will find that these articles have merit and try to actually help people with their problems or suggest solutions.

1 Screensaver every month, which you can Freely distribute to your Friends, subscribers or Customers. This Screensaver contains a provision for RSS, which you can modify and insert your own RSS address. So, you can use it as your promotional ambassador for your website(s). The Screensaver will have Business, Finances or Investment orientation.

Access to the Individual Ebooks, Reports or Other Material either free or for the special membership price added to the library at any time.
You will receive an email about these new arrivals. As you will get gradually access to more and more content, the price of your membership will stay the same. With the information you receive, you will recoup your membership in no time.

Here are some more ideas:

Put your name on modified contents, sell it while you keep all the profit
Split a product into several pieces
Combine products together into an ebook
Make it as audio, video, email series or webinars
Are you affiliate to Clickbank or other affiliate networks? Simply add links to affiliate offers.
You can also promote this Membership Website as an affiliate and this can easily pay for your own membership.
And there is more…

So try this High Quality Business and Investing PLR Membership just for $7 ONLY Today. For the first 30 days. If you like it, subsequent membership will continue for only $37 per month. NO Risk.You can cancel at any time. No Strings attached.

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That’s not all,

You will Get These FREE Bonuses with your Subscription:

Australian ScreeSaver

Bonus #1

You will also receive an Original Free Screensaver where you can insert your RSS for the promotion of your site(s). You can give free copy to your readers or customers. It will work like your ambassador. You can’t get it elsewhere.

Scientific Advertising

Bonus #2

Free copy of the Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins, One of the top and most profitable Advertising Man at his time. His methods and principles are timeless. Read by all top copywriters. This book will change your approach to your internet business.

You’ll discover:

  • How to apply secret how to use sales letters which convert visitors to customers
  • How to drive people to buy products based on their emotional decisions.
  • How to solve your prospects’ problem by the benefits of your product.
Absolutely Magnetic Words

Bonus #3

Free copy of the Absolutely Magnetic Words – Pro Version. This unique book is a tool that will help you make your Sales Letters far more effective ($47 value). With Absolutely Magnetic Words – PRO you’ll discover all types of exciting tips:

How to Communicate In A Way Which Sets You Apart From All Others
How to Develop A Personal Relationship With Your Customers
How To Express The Benefits Of Your Product/Service
How to Entice The Reader To Continue Reading Your Letter Or Web Site
How to Identify A Target Audience
How to Learn to “Think Benefits”
How to Make It Believable
How to Make your writing far more effective
How to Captivate Your Customers Emotional Feelings
How to Attract The Specific Problem
Absolutely Magnetic Words has 7200 entries grouped in separate sections to fit different needs:
Clinchers with 10 Subcategories
Descriptions and Benefits with 52 Subcategories
Grabbers with 8 Subcategories
Special Strategies with 6 Subcategories
Appendix with Motivators To Buy
Copywriting Formulas
2368 often misspeled words

Bonus #4


Gives you self-confidence that your writing and letters are spelled correctly. Enables you to target very competitive keywords.

It’s important to spell correctly – if you want to create a good impression in your writing and get the right meaning across.


3076 Cliches

Bonus #5

3076 Cliches A to Z

Sentence fragments help keep your average sentence length to a respectable number of words. And sentence fragments can add drama and rhythm to your copy. List of cliches that you can reference if you aren’t sure about the expression you are using. A toolbox for you to use in any way you see fit. Avoid the use cliches too often.

As Man Thinketh

Bonus #6

As Man Thinketh by James Allen

With this bonus you’ll know the essentials about the way how to control your mind.

Here’s what is revealed:

  • How to communicate with people
  • How to put this into practice
  • How to reduce your stress
Annihilation Engine

Bonus #7

Annihilation Engine by Kelly Felix.

48 pages ebook with tips and information how to increase a conversion and income of your Internet or brick and mortal business.

And Also a Free List of my recommendations of the tools and programs I personally use and trust, which if you decide to use them as well will make you life much easier.

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